Let the Bike Depot be your commuting headquarters!  Our nonprofit mission is to create bicyclists and that begins with helping you get where you need to go while carrying everything you need.  We have a wide selection of fenders, baskets, racks, panniers and now even Xtracycles! 


Used Bikes

The Bike Depot maintains an inventory of refurbished bikes available for purchase in a dizzying array of styles and sizes. All used bikes have been donated by generous community members and refurbished by our volunteers and staff mechanics.  They go through our rigorous overhaul system and are triple checked for safety and quality.  They are, however, used bikes, so they may need a little tweaking.  If there is any trouble with your newly purchased used bike in the first 3 weeks (other than a flat of course!) bring it back and we will get it into shape.  



New Bikes

All new and used bicycles purchased at the Bike Depot come with one FREE Standard Tune-Up within the first year of purchase and 10% off accessories at the time of purchase!







Brands We Carry

and many more!


Used Parts & Accessories 

We carry a huge selection of used parts and accessories.  Call us and we will tell you if we have what you need.


New Parts & Accessories

If we don't have it in stock, we can probably order it.