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Let Bike Depot be your urban bicycling headquarters!  Our nonprofit mission is to create bicyclists and that begins with helping you get where you need to go while carrying everything you need. Purchase a bike from us, and we'll always support you as it becomes a bigger and better part of your life! Remember, all of your purchases support our programs!

Lovingly Refurbished Bikes

The Bike Depot maintains an inventory of refurbished bikes available for purchase in a dizzying array of styles and sizes. All used bikes have been donated by generous community members and refurbished by our volunteers and staff mechanics.  They go through our rigorous overhaul system, are triple checked for safety and quality, and get a thorough test ride. If there is any trouble with your newly purchased used bike in the first 4 weeks (other than a flat of course!) bring it back and we will get it into shape - despite our best efforts, a newly refurbished bike still has a break-in period just like a brand new ride.











We are also happy to order new complete bikes or new frames, which you then can hang your Bike Depot parts bin scores on! Here are the brands we have access to:

Surly - Surely you've seen these on both the streets and the internets, their reputation preceeds them.

All-City - Modern Classics from folks you might just wanna party with.

Our Favorite New Accessories - many in stock, more available to order!

Feedback Sports - For all your repair stand and storage needs, just the sort of quality and design you'd expect from a bunch of Golden, CO bike fiends! In between serving UCI World Tour teams they still find time to think about bikes+community+education right here in Denver by supporting Bike Depot!

Portland Design Works - well-designed and good looking bits.

King Cage - the best cages, made by hand in Durango, CO!

Planet Bike - donates 25% to bicycle advocacy from sales of their mighty fine pumps and other goods

Pedro's - direct supporters of Bike Depot, providing tools to our Mobile Operations! Bike care products of the finest order.

Park Tool - supporting us with teaching materials for classes that support our mission!

MSW - house brand goods from QBP, essentials at good prices with great customer service to back 'em up!

Cygolite - high-power, self-contained, rechargeable head and tail lights. Price and quality is a step above most!

ABUS - German-engineered locks at a price you can afford to protect your bike. Can't beat that.

02 Rainwear - waterproof + breathable + lightweight. They say it costs less because it just isn’t that durable. We beg to differ, and there’s always duct tape. Keep a set in your bag for slushy days and afternoon thunderstorms.

Lazer - Belgium. Hopefully you've imbibed their frites and mayo and beer; now protect yourself with their helmets so you live to imbibe again! Kids. Adults. Commuter. Mountain. Road. Competitive with those other big names in helmets that may ring a bell.

Michelin - Great selection of cheap and tough multi-surface tires.

Schwalbe - The Marathon line of tires will cost you upfront. But if you do the math you'll come out far ahead of the cash and frustration of tubes, slime, liners and patches that you'll rarely need with this level of puncture protection. We can't recommend them enough if they fit the budget.

Continental - The Supersport. Thick. A little less Slick. And doesn't ride as much like a brick. And a 27" option! And the Double Fighter - classic MTB tread come commuter workhorse.

WTB - The All-Terrain is just a killer tread if you adventure a bit off the beaten path on that trusty steed of yours, be it 26" or 700c.

Used Parts & Accessories 

We carry a huge selection of used parts and accessories. Can't find that oddball part to repair or complete your bike? Then come dig in our crates, it's like non-stop swap over here! And we think you'll find the prices to be quite reasonable.