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Basic Tune-Up $25

-Adjust Brakes and Derailleurs
-Bolt Check for Safety
-Lube Drivetrain

Standard Tune-Up $65

-Entire bike cleaned
-Wheels removed and trued
-Check all bolts for safety
-Barrel adjusters reset
-Drivetrain lubed
-Cables lubed
-Hubs adjusted
-Headset Adjusted

Premium Tune-Up $100

Includes the service of a standard tune, PLUS...

-Drivetrain parts removed and cleaned in parts washer
-One overhaul (hubs, headset or bottom bracket) if necessary


Trued $15 base price / $30 max price

Broken Spokes $15 + $5/labor per spoke + $1/parts per spoke

Re-Tensioned $30

Wheel Build $50 each wheel + cost of parts

Install New Wheel $15 Rear/$10 Front

Tubes and Tires

Tube installation $5 per wheel

Tire installation $5 per wheel

Slime injection $5 per wheel

Internal Hub $10

Coster Brake $10 (kids bike is $5)

*Tube installation labor does not compile on top of Tire installation labor or slime injection labor: e.g. a new tire + new tube installed with Slime will cost $5 Labor + cost of parts (tube + tire + slime)


Adjustment & Alignment $10 per brake

Pad Replacement$5

Cable Replacement$10 per brake

Caliper Installation$15 per brake

Brake Lever Installation$15

Disc Brake Bleed$30 (does not include fluid)

Rotor Replacement$5

Rotor Truing$10


Derailleur Adjustment$10 per derailleur

Cable Replacement$10 per derailleur

Derailleur Installation$15 per derailleur

Derailleur Hanger Straightening$15

Shifter Installation$15

Chain Installation$5

Freewheel or Cassette Installation$5

Crank Installation$15

Chainring Installation$15


Headset Adjustment$5

Headset Overhaul$15

Headset Installation$25

Fork Installation$20

Hub Adjustment$5

Hub Overhaul$20

Bottom Bracket Adjustment$10

Bottom Bracket Overhaul$20

Bottom Bracket Installation$20 for cartridge/$25 three piece


Handlebar Installation$15 for flat/$25 for drop

Stem Installation$15-25

Wrap Bars$10

Grip Installation$5

Saddle Installation$5

Pedal Installation$5

Rack Installation$15

Computer Installation$20

Training Wheel Installation$15

Thread/Frame Treatments:

Tap Crank Arm$5 per arm

Helicoil Installation (crank saver)$15

Face Bottom Bracket Shell$15-25

Face Head Tube$15-25

Chase Bottom Bracket$15-25

Lubricate Chain: No Charge

Bolt Check: No Charge

Air Tires: No Charge