Bike Camp


Bike Camp is a fun and educational summer day camp program. Campers learned how to get around town safely while going on fun and eventful bike rides and also learned how to maintain and perform small repairs on their bicycles.  Throughout the two weeks, instructors and Bike Depot volunteers led campers on progressive rides from 2-15 miles in length, stopping along the way for fun activities and Field Trips. 


Bike Camp teaches youth the various benefits of bicycling: as a means of transportation, a fun outdoor activity and as physical exercise.  The Bike Camp's core philopsophies are centered around teamwork and community building. 

Bike Camp Activities

  • Fun Bike Rides - Building skills for riding safely with traffic and avoiding accidents.
  • Field Trips - Campers will make stops along their routes to have some fun and maybe learn something new!
  • Bike Maintenance 101 - Campers will learn how to maintain their bikes and perform minor repairs.
  • Community Building - Along with the mission of the Bike Depot, campers will give back to the community by riding their bike to a volunteer opportunity of the group's choice.
  • Capstone Fieldtrip- On the last day of camp, Bike Campers will go on a fun and exciting field trip.

Age Groups

  • 'Cogs' 7-9 years
  • 'Spokes' 10-14 years

Session Dates

All Sessions run M-F, 9a-3p

Below are the dates for our standard 2-week Bike Camp:

  • Session 1: June 9-20
  • Session 2: July 7-18
  • Session 3: July 21 - August 1
  • Session 4: August 4-August 15


New Locations for 2014

The Bike Depot is pleased to announce that we will begin offering Bike Camp out of new locations starting in 2014. We have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club, Denver Green School, and Sprout City Farms to provide more sessions of Bike Camp to more youth in Denver.

  • June 9-20: Bike Camp (ages 10-14)  at the Boys and Girls Club- Vickers Club
  • July 14-August 8: Sustainability Camp (grades 3-6) in partnership

with Sprout City Farm at Denver Green School

  • August 4-15: Bike Camp (ages 10-14) at Denver Green School


Special Pilot Sessions for 2014

Advanced Bike Camp (June 23-July 3)- This camp session is intended to build upon the skills taught during our 2-week Bike Camp. This session is for either returning Bike Camp participants or those youth who have a moderate knowledge of bicycle mechanics (including fixing a flat, basic anatomy, chain repair and basic maintenance) as well as the ability to ride 5 miles on the first day of camp and 20+ by the end of the session. This session will focus on developing participants' skill levels in both bicycle repair and riding and lessons will include more complicated repairs and more challenging riding skills.

Urban Riders (June 23-June 27)- This session is an introductory level Bike Camp with a focus on using a bicycle as transportation around the city. This session will include an introduction to bicycle mechanics, though the main focus  will be predominantly on safe riding practices.

Sustainability Camp (July 4-August 8) - Sustainability Camp is an exciting collaboration between the Bike Depot’s Bike Camp and Sprout City Farm’s Farm Camp, hosted at the Denver Green School. During the four weeks of Sustainability Camp, youth will learn how to live “greener” through experiential education by growing healthy food while caring for the environment as well as riding and maintaining their own bicycle to use as transportation. The four-week session is divided into sections: week one- Farm Camp, weeks two and three- Bike Camp, and week four- Farm Camp. The camp’s overarching sustainability theme will challenge youth to think about sustainable living within their personal lives while focusing on teamwork and community building in the process. During the Farm Camp sections, youth will learn about the natural world around them and how to sustainably grow healthy, organic food. During the Bike Camp section, campers will learn both bicycle safety as well as bicycle maintenance with the goal of sustainably operating and maintaining their own form of transportation. The group will bike to field trip locations such as Sustainability Park to gain insight into current practices. Finally, the program will culminate with the construction of two innovative new projects on the farm: a bicycle-powered blender and a bicycle-powered plow!



Regular Bike Camp (2 weeks) $450

Pilot Sessions: Advanced Bike Camp (9 days) - $405; Urban Riders (5 days) - $225

Sustainability Camp (4 weeks - 2 weeks Farm Camp, 2 weeks Bike Camp) $900



Scholarships are Available

Bike Camp is accessible to all youth, regardless of their ability to pay. Full and Partial Scholarships are avilable. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a scholarship application. Final Scholarship deadline is May 31st. Final Scholaship decisions will be announced the first week of June.


Support the Bike Camp

We are in need of financial support to offer more scholarships.  We believe money should never be an obstacle that gets in the way between a child and a bike. If you would like to support Bike Camp by donating in-kind gifts, monetary donations or Bike Camp scholarships, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..