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Bike Rodeo

The Bike Depot is committed to creating life-long bicyclists through our Bike Rodeo program. Each month the Bike Depot provides more than 30 bikes to young people from across Denver, along with a lock and bike helmet.

On the day of the Rodeo, the entire family participates in our Bike Rodeo class, which focuses on bicycle safety and maintenance.The class includes a hands-on portion where the youngsters’ new skills are put to the test by patching a tube.  Each child is fitted to his/her new bicycle and also receives a new helmet and lock. Youth who go through the program are allowed to ‘trade up’ their bike for another refurbished bicycle when they have outgrown their bicycle.  The program is open to low-income families, children 3-13 years of age.  Youth 14 and up can also receive a bicycle by participating in our adult Earn A Bike program.


How does the Program work?

Parents sign up their family to participate in the Bike Rodeo program by completing our online registration form (click on the register button below).   Bike Depot volunteers will refurbish donated bicycles based on the height and gender of the children. On the day of the Rodeo, everyone will come to the Bike Depot – both parents and children.  One of our volunteer instructors will teach the Bike Rodeo class and then we’ll hand out everyone’s bicycles, helmets and locks. It’s as simple as that. Please note that during the warmer months, you may wait up to three months to receive a bicycle for your child.


Are you ready to Sign Up?

Please use the registration button below to provide your contact information and information about your children. It’s important that we get an accurate height so that we can properly match up their bicycle and get the best fit for a comfortable ride. Also, please provide a phone number that you are positive will be working in the next few months and has a working voicemail so that we can get in touch with you when it’s your turn.

Bike Rodeos are in HIGH DEMAND during the warmer months and the waitlist can grow to several months long. Bike Rodeos are offered year-round, so please, sign up early.