The Bike Depot offers a full curriculum of classes to get and keep your bicycle repair skills up to speed! 

This is a listing of our most popular classes, check the online store for a current classes, dates and times.  Classes take place at the Bike Depot unless otherwise noted, and require registration at least 24 hours in advance.  Please call  303-393-1963  with any questions.  You can see the current schedule and sign up for all Bike Depot classes through our online store.  Payment is required at time of registration.


Basic Classes

Basic classes are offered for a suggested donation of $7 and require registration at least 24 hours in advance.  Donate and sign up here or call in to the shop and we'll put you on the class list!   


Mechanics 101

~ New to bicycles?  Need some help keeping yours in tip-top shape?  This class teaches students about bicycle anatomy and covers basic brake and derailleur adjustments as well as the essential solvents and lubricants that will keep your bike running smoothly on Colorado's roads and trails. 


Introduction to Bicycle Touring

The essential guide for all those interested in going for an extended bike trip.  It will cover planning, equipment selection, preparing for a first tour and the lifestyle on the road.  Touring is a fun, awesome way to travel, but requires extensive planning to avoid the many possible pitfalls that come with a long time on the road.  Make your trip great by starting it with this class!


Commuting Class

The perfect class for novice commuters in Denver.  We will cover bike commuting strategies, street riding safety, bike route options, essential gear and dealing with carrying cargo.  It will also cover hands-on basic bike and tire repairs.  After this class you will be ready to hit the road morning and night.


Intermediate Classes

Break away from the basics.  Our advanced classes will introduce you to biking as a lifestyle choice! Convert a Single Speed, become a dedicated Bike Commuter, or learn to maintain all the different systems on your bike. 


Mechanics 201

This class unlocks the mysteries of your all those pesky cables on your bike.  We will walk you through the cable systems for brakes and derailleurs, show you the basics of installation, and cover the adjustments and factors that contribute to crisp, clean shifting and braking.  Another great class to dip your toe into the world of Bike Maintenance.


Wheel Truing

Teaches concepts like wheel anatomy, spoke tension, dish and radial and lateral true.  Wheel truing class also double's as week one of our Wheel Building series so if you like what you learn, let us know and we can sign you up for the rest of the series.


Single Speed Conversion

This class teaches students about styles of single speed bikes, parts needed for a conversion, costs involved and some basic mechanical skills needed to do the work.  It doesn't matter if you have an old mountain bike that you want to make into a winter commuter or if you have some road components that you're itching to use for a new fixie!  This class will get you started toward life in one gear.  Once you know the basics, you will find that the Bike Depot is the perfect place to continue work on your conversion during Fix Your Bike hours.


Advanced Classes

Our Advanced Level classes are hands-on, skills based classes that run over several weeks.  Sign up and take your skills to the next level.

Womens Mechanics Class

A 2-part class designed to give a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of bicycle repair in a fun, welcoming environment and to introduce you to a place where you will be able to continue to learn more about bikes, community bike shops and about how you can become a self-sufficient cyclist!  Students are encouraged but not required to purchase the Park Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair.


3 Part Wheel Building Class

One of our most popular classes is a three-part in-depth workshop to teach you proper techniques for truing and building wheels.  Students will learn the ins and outs of spoke length calculation along with how to properly lace, tension, dish and true wheels .  You are welcome to use recycled wheels/components from the Bike Depot or order new parts and leave the class with a new hand-built wheelset! 



Master Classes (advance registration required – sign up HERE)

Master Mechanic  Series

Our most popular and comprehensive instruction series.  The full-blown mechanics course takes place over six consecutive weeks and covers your bike from handlebar tape to rear brakes.  This course gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn about overhauling hubs and bottom brackets, truing wheels, repairing broken chains and much more.  The course costs $200 and includes Park Tool's essential text: the "Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair."  Registration is required and class size is limited.