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Earn A Bike


Three Easy Steps to earning your own bicycle:



If you think the Earn A Bike program is right for your bike needs, please complete the two-step registration process by clicking the Register Now button below. On the first page, you will complete our Release and Liability Waiver; on the second page, we will ask you information related to the EAB program. 







Volunteer 12 hours of your time at the Bike Depot or a partner organization. Upon completing your "EAB service hours", register to attend the Earn A Bike graduation class.




Attend your Earn A Bike Graduation to learn about the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair as well as safe riding practices. You’ll get your refurbished bike and learn how to fix a flat on your brand new bike. We’ll also give you a new helmet, light and U-lock.




Our Earn A Bike program offers an opportunity for community members to earn bicycles through education and service work. 


Who the EAB Program is for:

The aim of the Earn A Bike program is to provide refurbished bicycles to individuals in the community who might not otherwise have access to a working bicycle.  Because the number of bikes through our program is limited, if buying a bike is an option for you please consider purchasing a quality used bikes through our retail store, where the profits directly support lowering the barriers to bicycle access.

The Bike You Will Get:

Our Earn A Bike program is designed to provide a serviceable bicycle that is reliable and correctly fit.  We will do our best to accommodate requests based on physical needs or for a specific style of bike when indicated in the application process.  It is important to note that program bikes are prepped from donations, can only work with what is available, and so can't always meet every request.



To date, over 3,000 bicycles have been earned through our Earn A Bike program! 


The Earn A Bike program is made possible by the generous support of our bicycle donors and funders.  Unwanted bikes, which would otherwise end up in landfills, are refurbished by the members of our community who need them the most.  If you would like to donate a bike or host a bicycle drive in your community please click HERE to learn more. 

Our goals are to create new cyclists in order to increase personal health and wellness, provide viable transportation solutions for commuting and trips to the store and around the city, and to help repair the environment locally and globally.  We believe that giving people the power of autonomy and freedom a bike provides improves our community in small, but very important ways.  Bikes can change the world and we are making that happen one donated and earned bicycle at a time.