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Organizing a Bike Collection Drive

The Bike Depot is always in the need of bikes in any condition.  Particularly, we are always in need of the following types for youth to earn in our Earn A Bike program and to use with other young program participants:

• 16 and 20 inch boys bikes in decent condition (those boys are rough on bikes!)
• 24 and 26 inch Mountain Bikes
• Road bikes of any size, but especially smaller sized road bikes
Bike size is indicated by wheel size, which can be found on the side of the tire. 
Putting together a successful Bicycle Collection Drive on behalf of the Bike Depot is straightforward and fun.
Steps to Organize a Bicycle Collection Drive:
1. Plan the Event: Experience shows that a 4-hour, 1-day weekend collection in the spring or summer is the most effective and enjoyable due to the weather, however, we accept donations at any time of the year!   We recommend basing collections around a school, local business, place of worship or community center.
2. Get the Word Out: Tell people about the Bike Depot and your bicycle donation drive. Send emails to friends, family and co-workers about the ways in which the Bike Depot is getting unwanted bikes back out into the community.  Talk about your drive and encourage folks to bring bikes to donate.  Info on all the good things we do can be found on our website and we are happy to provide you with talking points and a handout in digital and paper form.
3. Accept Donations on the Day of the Collection:  This is the fun part, when you get to see the connections you’ve created in your community and see all your efforts pay off.  We accept all bicycles, bike parts and bike gear, regardless of condition.  All donations are tax-deductible and we will provide you with tax donation receipts for your event. Don't forget to thank people that come by!
4. Transport Bicycle Donations: By coordinating transport, you help our staff devote more time to building innovative programs and refurbishing bicycles, but we are able to help if needed.  Contact us well before the event to ensure we have the resources to lend a hand.  We are located at 2825 Fairfax St., Denver, CO 80207.
For more Information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in setting up a bike drive event.  You can also download our in-depth bike drive PDF to learn more.
Thank you for supporting the Bike Depot!
Click the PDF link below to download a more in-depth document on how to host a Bike Collection Drive.